5 Tips for Creating an Advertisement for Facebook

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By now you have launched a Facebook fan page for your organization and are considering having an advert on Facebook. 


Seems straightforward, yes? 


In actual fact, it's not. Admit it – people are not on Facebook to shop for stuff. They go there to interact socially with their pals. Hence when designing an ad with regard to Facebook, bear in mind that you are competing with other stuff that your target market considers appealing. Precisely how do you make your advert shine? 


Here are some points to follow when making an ad for Facebook: 


1. Always keep it short and simple. A usual ad on Facebook has content material that is less than 135 characters. Have a witty tagline to interest your audience and get straight to the point. One beauty salon that developed an advert for Facebook identified that generating an offbeat and cheeky advert improved its buyers by 20%. 


2. Make your advert jump out. This is usually accomplished by applying a snappy tagline AND a good image. What they say is dead-on: “A picture speaks a thousand words.” Work with a picture that warrants a further look and you are going to have folks clicking the “Like” button. Be mindful, if working with images that border on risqué or perhaps lewd when designing an ad intended for Facebook or your posting could get denied. 


3. Ask a question. Get your potential consumer thinking by asking a question. Lots of corporations that currently advertise on Facebook experience an improved reaction by asking a question. 


4. Narrow it down. The unfavorable factor may be the reality that Facebook has more than 500 million users. How can you promote to each and every one? Luckily it is possible to concentrate on viewers based on their interests. Consequently your marketing campaign is going to be more targeted. For example, if you are advertising and marketing an exciting new coffee house, you will want to target people who live or operate in the location. You can also target people that have “liked” or shown interest in coffee or other coffee brands. 


5. Understand your market. Whether placing a traditional advert or a Facebook advert, it makes sense to run a test. For instance, one diner group put a couple of promotions on Facebook - one focusing on women and a further that focused on both genders. The marketer found that targeting women made it possible for them to have a thousand new followers in a couple of weeks. 


Now you have a little more knowledge in making an advert intended for Facebook, you're ready to begin with your first ad. For those that have experience with conventional advertising, a lot will not apply for Facebook, as result it makes sense to test your adverts. If your ads don’t get a lot of “likes,” don’t become frustrated. Not everyone will get it right first time. What’s critical is that you learn from the first attempt and implement your newly found understanding so you'll be able to transform your advertising and promoting approach.

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5 Tips for Creating an Advertisement for Facebook

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5 Tips for Creating an Advertisement for Facebook

This article was published on 2012/02/10