Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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As I mentioned in my previous articles, Facebook has certainly opened the doors to more potential customers apart from just making friends and exchanging ideas.

The interactive features like fan pages, games, groups and even videos enable marketers to reach out to a worldwide audience. Therefore, ordinary people like you and me can branch out and brand ourselves into Facebook celebrities like those movie and TV idols whom we got so accustomed to over the years before internet.

This in turn provides great opportunities to receive immediate feedback from prospects and customers without having to spend excessively on media advertising, research and surveys. If you do it properly by addressing their concerns with relevant and applicable solutions, it will greatly increase your brand loyality and clientele.

If many people know you there, it is very likely that your brand presence has already been felt. So long as you continue providing good quality information and service, gaining their trust in you on a long term basis will no longer be a how to but a platform to achieving greater success.

However apart from having advantages, brand have their disadvantages too.

Traditional marketers are used to message broadcasts like what you hear on radio and seen on TVs. These are extreme formal ways of mass communication. Upon using Facebook for the first time, they will find it hard to copy with the informal language and word tones which Facebook prefers.

Past cases have shown that some business owners' attempts in enforcing rules and guidelines on Facebook. As in either you buy or get out of my shop tones that many retail shops are still using. Many members are unhappy with them. They want to know more about the products first before buying and certainly have the rights to.

There are also people who will only be your friends if you buy something from them as a condition. Or people whom you want to be friends with but do not want to be friends with you simply because they have never met and perceived you as another internet scammer.

While there is nothing we can do about what people think, there is everything we can do to make a better impression of ourselves to others.

Here are 2 golden rules you should follow if you want to achieve results in the long run.

Do Not Be Bossy Or Authority Figure Type

Though this worked fine in traditional business, it can literally backfired in online business. Any display of you claiming to know more than anyone with little or no regards to their feelings not only kills off your potential sales but can result in your account banned permanently if people complain to Facebook admin.

Do Not Send Promotion Messages To Others Right Away.

Doing this without developing any friendship, rapport and trust is a sure recipe for failure. The last message you will want to receive is from someone telling you to stop advertising or he will complain to Facebook Management. Having this message wil certainly defer others from making friends with you let alone becoming your customers.

Through there are many ethnics on Facebook to comply with, they can be easily grasped through active participation. Like all business owners do, companies must ensure its marketing representatives to be fully trained in creating Facebook presence.

Having mentioned those, these are the advantages and disadvantages in using Facebook. But so long as you do it properly, those advantages can be minimized.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook

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This article was published on 2010/09/23