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There have been many social networking sites over the past decade trying to break through as the next best thing.  Some of these include; Bebo, Myspace, Faceparty, Flickr,Friends Reunited etc. However, the two that surpass their competitors are Facebook with over 500 million registered users (2010) and Twitter with over 190 million(2010).
But the question however, is what social network platform is more useful for social media marketing.
In this article I am going to be talking about some of the pros and cons of each, with regards to effective social media marketing.


• The ability to find people/businesses is very easy to use and highly efficient. Upon logging on to Facebook it automatically suggests friends you may know or businesses in your area. This gives the user the option to become friends so there updates appear in your news feed.
• Facebooks' user interface is said to be one of the easiest to navigate. Resulting in the increase of people using Facebook as a communication platform. More people are using Facebook as a line of communication rather than a pass time.
• Facebook paid adverts brings a whole new medium of advertisement. As people enter information about themselves on Facebook eg. Gender, age, location, etc. Facebook advertising can directly market certain demographics.
• Facebook allows you to have lots of information about you or your company and you can even create business pages that people can "like".
• Facebook chat allows you to have personal conversations with other friends/business contacts


• Like Facebook when you "follow" people there updates or "tweets" appear in your feed. This keeps you up-to-date with the people you are following.
• Unlike Facebook you can follow anyone in the world with a twitter account. They do not have to accept you however they can block you from seeing their updates. This can literally give you a worldwide reach.
• Twitter only allows quick 140 character updates. This increases the response rate to your posts as people are more likely to read and comment on shot comments than long stories.
• Twitter only allows you to have a limited profile for personal or company information.
• Easily used to spam followers


Analyising the two like this you could say that Facebook seems to be a clear winner. However I believe the two are social networking platforms and should be used as a communication/networking tool. Each platform has its good and bad points, however if used effectively both can have huge influence on your target market.

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Facebook vs Twitter

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This article was published on 2011/01/05