How to use Social Media Sites Effectively

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Many business have a presence on the internet in the form of a website, however they are seriously lacking in one area and that is a social media presence. Social media sites are often called sites that contain user-generated content.

Possibly the most famous sites are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. But how do you use the sites in such a way that it will benefit your business?. Simply creating an account is not enough. You need to be integrating yourself into that website and its users, otherwise known as networking.

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook now allows people to build fan pages and other users rate the fan page if they find it useful. There is a common mistake made by many though.  They expect the Facebook page to drive traffic to their website when the fan page has never been promoted.

A website can also drive traffic to a fan page. Display a face book fan page on your site, it is an almost certainty that most of your readers will be a Facebook member. Driving traffic to your fan page encourages  readers to rate your page making it popular.

Also remember to frequently update your Facebook page. Ideally you should be aiming for one update a week. Make content interesting to the reader, generate interest so the reader will tell other Facebook users about you.

Enable Facebook users to get something for free. Run contests, display money off coupons or allow readers to click-through to your own site to download a free e-book. If you have any special offers then advertise them as well. Everyone loves it when we get something for free. 

Remember to be realistic about your brand and whether it will gain a large following. If you are selling stair lifts for OAP's then expect a small following as Facebook stats show a majority of users are of the younger generations.


Twitter is great because it does not take a lot of work. Each day a short sentence is sent out with a link and this is otherwise known as a tweet. Create a twitter account and gain followers by following other users.  Don’t make the mistake of assuming the more followers you have the more successful you will be.

When looking at potential people to follow, ask yourself if they are relevant to you and your business. Following someone who sells lingerie when you are a mortgage adviser will generate very little interest. Once you have chosen your followers then make an effort daily to respond to their tweets, by doing this you are encouraging readers back to your time-line and your tweet of the day.


Linkedin is more about networking and not gaining potential customers. The emphasis is on your profile and making it stand out as a leader in your field of business. Your profile should read that you are an energetic person who is passionate about what you do.

Don’t forget to include a photograph and to regularly keep your profile  updated. Once you have the perfect profile, you can begin to network by recommending people, in the hope they will recommend you back. Also join in the groups that relate to your particular area of interest.

Having a presence on the above three sites is of top importance when you are embarking on your social media campaign. Many business also make the mistake of joining lots of social media sites but keep up a poor presence. This is not the way to go.  Maintain the above three sites with quality content and information for your readers and the rewards will soon be seen.

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How to use Social Media Sites Effectively

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How to use Social Media Sites Effectively

This article was published on 2011/02/11