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It is easy to climb on the Facebook marketing bandwagon, but it takes the beginning by owning a website. Selling via Facebook is by far more convinient than the majority of other means in the world. It would be helpful if you have registered a Facebook account with loads of friends added so that they can take part in your group if they receive a particular invitation from you.


It is so much easier to sell via Facebook that almost any other means on earth. It helps if you already have a Facebook account with lots of friends who are likely to join your group if they get a personalized invite from you. But it can work without this too.


The key is to post updates as much as possible. Do it day and night and all throughout the day as well. Also, take advantage of dinner times.


Case in point, if you write something or post a video or something, link to it on the Facebook. Ideally, for someone who is attempting to make their Facebook Group viral, one should only send one mass email, once. Other times they can focus on posting updates and links to the website and Facebook at the same time.


A fan page might be a slightly different beast. There are lots of sites out there where you can share information about your business without needing to just point people to your site. Once you have it there, flog it for all it's worth.


People who happen across the fan page can choose to like it. The numbers of people you could potentially reach are staggering considering that each person is attached to others.


By employing some of these strategies you can market your website in new ways. Facebook has a lot of potential for businesses and entrepreneurs looking for some targeted traffic.


Your updates also indicate what your friends are up to. These will post users comments both onto the web page they're viewing the comment box on onto the users Facebook wall along with a link back to the referring web page just like yours.


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Marketing Via Facebook101

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This article was published on 2010/08/23