Secrets can be revealed by Social media

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Yesterday, Facebook researchers announced on CNN that they can get every information about people, from their personal likes on different posts, on Facebook. According to the researchers, liking certain posts, pages and pictures on facebook can tell a lot about people.

They also said that a full time graph about personality aspects of different people can be made using only the ‘like’ feature of facebook.

Facebook is a social platform that gives users the opportunity to share what they like, and to like what they want to see. There are numerous pages on facebook that many people like, to get more updates from them. For example, a normal person on Facebook will like BBC news just like they follow it on Twitter.

This ‘liking’ feature of facebook can reveal a lot about people. And in the age of Big data when nothing can hide from data analysts. This feature can turn on warning signals of privacy concerns.

Though, facebook says that all information is anonymous and is not provided to any other company for any harassment to the user. Someone should ask them, how then, people receive ads on their accounts?

And it’s not just facebook that can get secrets and personal traits about people. But all social networking sites have such bulk of data that can be used to target people with ads.

But these are just social networking sites, what if these types of data sets can help military units to  catch criminals and rebels?

In such cases, twitter and google published a report this year about how many requests they received from military units of different countries for access to personal information. And most of the personal information was issued without asking the real owners of that information.

So in a simple term, social media sites can reveal information about people without their consent. Thus if we look closely… this is in relation with the PIPA and SOPA act… the act of stopping and protecting online piracy. But what can be done in defense, remains a matter of discussion among talented people of the world.

But for my own opinion laws should be made on social media. Because its not just public information its ‘personal information’.….and as with the broadening aspect of these sites they are loosing their privacy tactics.

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Secrets can be revealed by Social media

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Secrets can be revealed by Social media

This article was published on 2013/03/22