The Impact of Facebook on Marriage

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Lately in the media, it is becoming more and more evident that Facebook is taking a dangerous toll on already unstable marriages. We have seen a tremendous increase in divorce cases that are citing Facebook as not only a cause and instigator of divorce, but also as evidence in the case, revealing ugly truths of infidelity, vengeance and jealously. The divorce lawyers at The Edmunds Law Firm have seen this issue develop and grow over the past few years and have put together this list of reasons on the detrimental impacts of Facebook on marriage. These reasons include compromising privacy, convenient infidelity, snooping and retaliation, and the credibility of Facebook as evidence in court.

Compromising Privacy

Facebook is good for a lot of things; one of them is the ability to share information with the public in a very efficient manner. Unfortunately, some unhappy couples are publicizing events and comments that should not be intended for other people's knowledge. Not only does this activity disintegrate trust between spouses, but it creates a virtual barrier, publicizing private conversation and instigating a dialogue online instead of face to face. Removing the intimacy of talking about conflict one on one imparts a barrier in the relationship, weakening it and thus creating more conflict.

Reconnecting with the Past

The definition of infidelity is not purely physical. Any type of relationship where an individual develops and pursues a close emotional relationship with someone other than their spouse is considered infidelity, and Facebook is making that easier than ever. Being able to reconnect with those from one's past is a great advantage of Facebook, but in an unstable relationship, reconnecting with past loves can lead to extramarital affairs, even if they are just online.

Snooping Around

Because of the way Facebook is set up, it is simple and easy to see what people are saying, and who they are saying it to. Often, jealous husbands and wives take extra notice to their spouse's behaviors, and if their current relationship is lacking trust, this can easily evolve into snooping, stalking, and secretive behaviors. It isn't uncommon for one spouse to keep a log of their partner's passwords and snoop around if there is suspected activity or lack of trust.

Vindictive Behaviors

Besides snooping, some unhappy couples use Facebook as a tool to get back at their other half. Defensive individuals may misinterpret conversations for flirting, and thus make an effort to public humiliate their spouses. Vindictive behaviors are a habit that seems conducive to social media, and unfortunately, they can tear a marriage apart

Evidence in Court

More and more often, divorce attorneys are turning to Facebook for evidence against their client's ex. It is not unusual for a lawyer to first scour the social network site for traces of infidelity, suspicious comments, pictures, links and other indications of wrong doing. Then lawyers often advise their clients to then delete their own Facebook account to diminish reciprocal evidence in the case and to keep distance from their future ex.


When used in the proper manner, Facebook can be an excellent resource for connecting communities of friends and family and opening a global line of communication. However, used incorrectly, facebook can damage a marriage beyond repair. If you are considering divorce, contact the attorneys at The Edmunds Law Firm in San Diego. Our team can help guide you through the process and offer advice on how to handle social media situations in such a testing time. Consult our attorneys for a free consultation on the best social media practices for your situation. Call The Edmunds Law Firm at (800) 481-2526, or fill out the contact form on our website to get started.


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The Impact of Facebook on Marriage

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This article was published on 2011/03/31
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