Twitter, Facebook and Your Business

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If your not Tweeting or updating your Facebook status to communicate with people these days, then you pretty much don't exist (at least it feels that way). Thanks to Myspace and Facebook, our generation has witnessed one of the fastest growing digital trends in communication via social networking sites. I mean, we can't make it through the day without hearing about a celebrity "Tweet," chatting about a new Facebook post, or hearing about some other virtual announcement. With that, I think its safe to say that we are living in a new age of communication - one which seems vital for keeping up with the rest of the world (whether its for business or for pleasure).

I don't even think I knew what Facebook was until something like my second or third year in college (way back in 2004). Seeing how quickly social networking websites have evolved, from your basic college student's way of posting some pictures from their latest kegger or keeping in touch with old high school buddies, to this vast network of possibilities for information exchange, certainly necessitates some attention.

I'm sure that many of us have recently experienced that, "Oh my god, my mom's on Facebook moment!" I know I have. Aside from this being quite a hilarious or perhaps a nerve-wracking experience (depending on whether or not your the one upside down doing things like keg stands in your Facebook portfolio), the fact that older generations have joined their kids on the world wide web, is a prime example of how social networking has become universal.

So, where do Twitter and Facebook fit in with the world of web marketing? The answer to that question is, EVERYWHERE. Whether your a small business or a Fortune 500 Company, its time to make a name for yourself with the help of these social networking websites. While it might seem obvious to some, the following are just a few of the reasons why its super important to be Tweeting or Facebooking your way to success.

1. Social media lets people know who you are, what you do and what your doing up-to-the minute.
2. You can network your business by becoming Facebook friends with people in your industry, potential customers, or current clients, etc.
3. You can create buzz and visibility with a Facebook announcement, event invitation, or newsfeed.
4. You'll be able to show and tell the world about what you can do for them by Tweeting everything you've been up to (do I hear virtual resume much?).

You can also provide easy access to your website from your Facebook or Twitter page and vice-versa.
And lets not forget that social media will help increase your SEO and rankings in Google by creating more traffic for your website with links to and from Twitter and Facebook.

While I could go on for another five blog posts about the benefits of social media as a means of advertising yourself and your business, I won't because its much more beneficial for you to start to get out there and experience the phenomena for yourself. Before we go, there is one other tiny aspect of using social media to advertise that I have not mentioned .... dun dun daa ... ITS FREE. So, do your business a favor by logging in to the world of social media by making a Facebook or Twitter account today!

And after you've done that, come check out Black Rhino Marketing Solutions on Twitter or Facebook while your there!

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Twitter, Facebook and Your Business

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This article was published on 2010/03/29